Established in 2012, Axis is a therapist-owned and operated physical therapy company. Our philosophy began over 30-years-ago with the vision of two Olympic Ski Trainers, Topper Hagerman and John Atkins. Their passion for helping world-class athletes overcome challenges and return to competition is the foundation of this innovative team.

      We've earned a reputation for providing an energized and progressive therapeutic environment offering the highest standard of out-patient physical therapy. As a company we are recognized for employing among the highest number of advanced certified physical therapist in the state of Colorado. Backed by advanced research and proven techniques to deliver physical therapy to all walks of life – from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior. Whether your goal is to be racing down the slopes or lifting a grandchild, we are here to help you get back in the game of life!

     Every Axis Associate is committed to excellence and integrity throughout the physical rehabilitation process.  As a company, Axis is devoted to achieving a higher level of patient care, continuous collaborating with physicians and hospital partners and community outreach.


- Maverick Sports                             - Breckenridge Bucks                          - Summit Youth Hockey          

- Summit Strikers                               - Cycle Effect                                            - Summit County Preschool

- Alpenglow Music Festival          - FDRD                                                          - Girls On The Run

- Be Kind                                                - Lake Dillon Theater Company       - NRO Concert Series

- Ski Club Vail                                       - Kids Adventure Games                     - LG Triathlon

      Axis is committed to clinical excellence, building loyal relationships and providing a positive patient experience. This makes us the number one choice for physical therapy in our mountain communities.